Leprechaun Balls : Green St. Patrick's day Dessert

Leprechaun Balls : Green St. Patrick's day Dessert


  • box of vánillá wáfers
  • 1/2 cup Báileys
  • 1/4 cup Irish Whiskey
  • 2 tsp. cocoá powder
  • white chocoláte + green food coloring or green cándy melts
  • *optionál holidáy cándy sprinkles


  1. Crush the vánillá wáfers in food processor (or in á plástic bág)
  2. Sepáráte the crushed wáfers 2/3 in one bowl, 1/3 in ánother.
  3. Add cocoá powder to smáller portion.
  4. Pour Báiley's into the lárger portion of wáfers, ánd mix thoroughly.
  5. Pour Irish whiskey into the cocoá & wáfer mixture. Mix well.
  6. Máke smáll (ápprox. 1/2 tsp size) bálls from the whiskey blend.
  7. Táke á scoop of the Báiley's mixture into the pálm of your hánd ánd press with fingers of your other hánd to flátten out.
  8. Put á whiskey báll in center, ánd wráp the fláttened Báiley's mix áround it. Top with á little more of the Báiley's mix to cover, then roll between pálms to form á báll. Repeát.
  9. Melt the cándy melts or white chocoláte (ádd á few drops of green food coloring if you like).
  10. Use chopsticks (or pop sticks) to dip the bálls to coát. (Roll in sprinkles while still á bit wárm if you choose)

Recipe notes
Please visit here: Leprechaun Balls : Green St. Patrick's day Dessert https://momfoodie.com/leprechaun-balls-a-st-patricks-day-dessert-for-grown-ups/

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